Sunday, November 14, 2010

Parameters in Blogspot feed

 This post presented for me to understanding the "Query Parameters in Blogspot Feed". As we know, the URL to get feed items of our blog is You can review this feed after as my blog feed : or you can use your own blog to experiment.

There are two options how to using your blogger's feed

  1. Using your blogger's address :
  2. Using your blogid :
The Blogger Data API supports the following query parameter:


Meaning - Alternative representation type
We can use one of the folowing values :
  • If wedon't specify an alt parameter, the service returns an Atom feed. This is equivalent to alt=atom
  • alt=rss returns an RSS 2.0 result feed (for reads only)
  • alt=json returns a JSON representation of the feed
  • alt=json-in-script Requests a response that wraps JSON in a script tag
  • alt=atom-in-script Requests an Atom response that wraps an XML string in a script tag.
  • alt=rss-in-script Requests an RSS response that wraps an XML string in a script tag.
  • alt=atom-service Requests an Atom service document that describes the feed.
For example : or
This will returns type of feed as a JSON.


Meaning - Category query filter
Specifies categories (also known as labels) to filter the feed results.
For example, or
This will returns entries with the label or category of blogging.


Meaning - The Maximum number of results to be retrieved or
This will returns entries with 2 results.


Meaning - The order in which to return entries, such as lastmodified (the default), starttime, or updated. or
I do not know how to using lastmodified and starttime!

published-min, published-max

Meaning  - The bounds on entry publication dates or


Meaning - The 1-based index of the first result to be retrieved or
Test by yourself, you can change number on start-index=1

updated-min, updated-max

Meaning  - The bounds on entry update dates.
These query parameters are ignored unless the orderby parameter is set to updated or
Test by yourself again :D


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